The main tasks of the OptiCast project is the development and work in the following areas:

1) Expert system which aims to significantly improve the casting process technology by decreasing the cast time from weeks to days and allowing easy optimization of the casting parameters

2) Quality control system - OptiSense has been developed. This is an ultrasound based quality control system that allowes quick and reliable monitoring of the cast items

3) Prototype testing, showing the increased wear resistance of the items cast with OptiCast technology

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DSCF3760.JPGExtreme testing conditions

This is the Fura metal shredder where one of type of the OptiCast prototypes is being tested.  In this shredder automobiles are ground down to small metal shreds.


 Easy to use

 The expert system, that has been developed, allows easy optimization of the casting parameters. The above screen shot shows a casting report from the expert system indicating the status of the key casting parameters.



Quality control - OptiSense

The quality of the OptiCast products is monitored by OptiSense. This technique also allows determination of the plate thickness with on-site measurements.