Business areas     

Design engineering, computational fluid dynamics, and consulting engineering 

Basic info

6 employees - SME - Supplier - Finland  

Role in OptiCast

SIMTECH brings expertise of the latest computer modelling techniques into the OPTICAST project. SIMTECH will provide an essential service which will give the competitive advantage needed to succeed at the cutting edge of the latest technology  

Qualifications for role

From analytical methods to specialised CFD software, SIMTECH has the expertise in both traditional and non-traditional industrial sectors to deliver solutions for fluid problems in a number of diverse industries including aerospace, automotive and space engineering. SIMTECH has the resources to provide the OPTICAST method with tools and experience in the prediction of fatigue and fracture in many engineering applications. The fatigue experience includes stress and strain total life predictions together with LEFM (Lineal Elastic Fracture Mechanics) calculations to account for defects and tolerable crack sizes  

Expected benefits

SIMTECH will benefit mainly with IPR license and software salesacross Europe and eventually to the rest of the world is also expected  

Key Personnel

Matti Sirvio is a General Manager for SIMTECH. Along with managing SIMTECH he is also finishing his Dr. Thesis about simulation at Helsinki University Technology. Mr. Sirvio has valuable experience of exploiting project results; he founded SIMTECH several years ago with partners in a Craft project for exploitation of partial results  

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