Malmsteypa Thorgrims

Business areas     

Malmsteypa Thorgrims Jonssonar ehf. is a foundry, mainly producing casting of gray and ductile iron with great care of quality and quality control. The company recycles around 800tn of scrap iron a year. Part of the production is exported from Iceland to the European Market

Basic info  

10 employees - SME - Coordinator - Iceland

Role in OptiCast

Malmsteypan is the leader SME in this project. MTJ will be responsible for the Consortium Management and will take on the role as Exploitation Manager leading the OPTICAST project

Qualifications for role

MTJ has partcipated in R&D projects mainly in Iceland and Scandinavian Networks and is fully qualified in the production of metal casts. MTJ is the originator of the OPTICAST method

Expected benefits

MTJ principal benefit is to become the first foundry in Europe to be able to provide its clients with wear resistant products developed with the OPTICAST method. With this breakthrough a great increase is expected in the company´s market share and an opening to new markets that wera previously not reachable. Benefits gained from licensing the method to new markets across Europe and eventually to the rest of the world is also expected

Key Personnel

Jon Thor Thorgrimsson is the Director of MTJ. He is educated in industrial Engineering and has B.Sc. honour and Lic. Techn. from Stockholm in Mechanical Engineer. His doctoral thesis was on the effect of cooling rate on structure formation in cast iron castings. Jon has experience of taking his company into domestic and Scandinavian research cooperation with different companies and organizations.
Sigurdur Trausti Thorgrimsson is the technical manager of MTJ. He is an educated mechanician and has been responsible for development of MTJ´s processing equipment for nearly thirty years. His experience is important for WP2, 3 & 5. He will also provide support in the OPTICAST management

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