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ICI is a leading institution in technological R&D in Iceland. Its departments specialize in materials & nanotechnology, energy, building & construction, bio- and environmental technology. Projects include applied research and testing, basic research in key areas (depending on department), consultation and technology transfer. They do fundamental technical work in close cooperation with clients to find technical and development solutions  

Basic info

90 employees - RTO (SME) - Lead RTO - Iceland  

Role in OptiCast

ICI will lead WP 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 & 8  

Qualifications for role

ICI has been involved in metals casting research for over twenty years. Metals material research and NDT has traditionally strong position at the institute while in recent years investments have mainly been in knowledge and equipment for nanotechnology research. They have delivered a considerable number of National, Scandinavian and European R&D projects over the last ten years  

Key Personnel


Ingolfur Thorbjornson is Managing Director of Material, Environmental and Energy Technology Research at ICI. He has 20 yrs. experience in iron casting process development along with resent yeas focus on nanotechnology. He is a Mechanician and M.Sc. Mechanical Engineer. He has been involved in several projects in the field of metal castings, both domestic and Scandinavian and will act as the Project Technical Manager for the entire project.
Birgir Johannesson has a BSc in physics and PhD in Materials Science. His doctorate was on metal composites. He joined at ICI in 1998 and has mostly worked on wear properties of ductile iron, corrosion of aluminium and magnesium. Birgir will be heavily involved in the activities of WP2  

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