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HERI, is the leading UK Research Institute in the area of applied health and environmental technology development for industry, particularly SMEs and consists of five specialist Research Groups. HERI has expertise in materials, Finite element analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and heritage as process engineers supporting the material processing industry  

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439 employees - RTO - RTO - UK  

Role in OptiCast

HERI will work closely to Simtech leading the research in the WP4  

Qualifications for role

HERI has a range highly qualified scientists with experience and expertise in the field of Computer Aided Design. It has a range of expertise and facilities to support cutting edge, innovative research activities. Material scientists, environmental technologists, industrial and bio-chemists and mechanical engineers have successfully delivered more than 80 National and European collaborative R&D projects over the last ten years  

Key Personnel


Dr. Paul Sherratt graduated from Loughborough University with a PhD in non-destructive testing, speckle shearing interfrometery. He worked for 5 years as a manufacturing engineer in a heat processing plan, and has expertise in metal alloying and material testing.
Dr. Emma Rosamond has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Loughborough University. Emma has experience in tracking laser Doppler vibrometry, FEA and mechanical thermodymanics. She also has expertise in prototype design and mechanical modelling.
Bharath Srinivas is an expert in computer modelling and computation fluid dynamics (CFD). He can perform complex designs using non-liner FEA and Star-CCD CFD software, including multi-phase behaviour of fluids and thermal variants. He has previously designed reaction chambers for microwave treatment of effluent, super critical process and water treatment systems.  

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