Business areas     

Metal recycling and scrap material recycling. Recycles 28,000 tonnes of metal p.a. using crushers  

Basic info

30 employees - SME - End User - Iceland  

Role in OptiCast

FURA will have a double role in the OPTICAST project. In WP1 the OptiCast project will receive input from FURA as to it´s specific customer needs for metal scrap crushing. In WP5, FURA will mainly be involved in validating the OPTICAST technology for crushing activities in the metal recycling SME. FURA will test custom made crushing teeth in existing equipment and evaluate the performance of the technology against products that FURA is utilising in its day to day activities and report on wear resistance properties observed  

Expected benefits

FURA will mainly benefit in being the first to trial the OPTICAST technology, and user savings  

Key Personnel

Haraldur Thor Olason has been director for Fura since 1981. He has comprehensive knowledge on the metal marked as well as experience of using different types of wear resistant tools. Haraldur will mainly be involved in WP 1 & 6.
Kristjan A. Olason is the Technical Manager in Fura and will be coordinating internally the product trials in the integration and validation WP5 with the rest of the partners.

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